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Pocket gets update and a whole lotta downloads


The app that began life as Read It Later and that's now known as Pocket (Free) has received a significant update to version 4.1, and the developer took the opportunity to report just how successful the app has become.

Since the rename and relaunch of the app three weeks ago, Pocket has received over 2 million downloads across a variety of platforms, and reached the #1 spot for free news apps for iPhone and iPad quickly. Pocket also became the third most downloaded iPad app within hours of the release last month.

According to the press release from Read It Later, Inc., today's update includes the following features:

  • Page flipping mode -- In addition to Pocket's default scrolling option, users can now swipe left or right inside an article to enable Page Flipping and read one page at a time.
  • Improved Dark theme and an all-new Sepia theme -- With refined contrast and readability, these options make reading even more comfortable.
  • Increased maximum font size -- For those preferring larger print, Pocket's font-size options have been expanded so users can find the perfect font size for reading.

In addition, Pocket now has the following enhancements:

  • Dark theme throughout the app -- Use Pocket comfortably at night, whether in Article View or browsing through saved content.
  • Add URLs from clipboard -- Pocket now automatically detects URLs that are copied to the clipboard so they can be added directly to Pocket for easier saving.
  • Support for additional video sites -- Pocket's in-app video streaming now supports popular sites including TED, Devour and Khan Academy.

I personally use Pocket to capture content to read later, and it works extremely well. The improvements truly add a lot of utility to an already great app.

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