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The Queue: Friday night invasion

Alex Ziebart

Whoa whoa whoa, why is Alex doing The Queue on Friday? Nobody likes that guy! Get out of here, Alex!


vocenoctum asked:

I know a lot of folks that don't currently play Warlocks will try it with Mists, hopefully the changes make it fun enough to play for many. Do you think the changes are big enough that some current lock's will leave the class? (I didn't play a paladin pre-cata, but know a couple ret pal's that just ditched the class as "being too different".)

Yes, I do think that current warlocks might hop classes, but I don't think that's necessarily a problem. I was actually one of those retribution paladins who stopped playing the class in Cataclysm -- the things I really liked about the class didn't survive the transition into Cataclysm, and the new mechanics added to it irritated the hell out of me. I hate holy power and Inquisition both. I ended up switching to playing my rogue. I don't see it as a big deal. Yeah, it sucks that I didn't enjoy playing my paladin anymore and I was mad about it for awhile, but I realized that there are other options available. There's no rule saying I can't play other stuff. I messed around with my alts until I found something I enjoyed.

I don't always agree with the changes that Blizzard makes, but I honestly believe that it's always trying to make WoW a better game. If the majority of players are enjoying the changes, that's fantastic. I'm not going to argue that Blizzard should stop making changes to classes just for me. I'll just find some other thing that is fun for me instead. If you don't like the changes being made to your class, find a class that suits you better. Use the expansion as a fresh start. I was super attached to that paladin. Way too attached. I had to go through an actual grieving period when I stopped playing her, and that's just absurd (and possibly a little unhealthy). But once I adjusted to the change, I was a lot happier.

SallyBowls as ked:

Digital CE: Is there any chance Blizzard will deal with the CE problem? If you want the CE pet (mount?), then you need to order a physical copy. But if you want to be playing at midnight, you need a digital copy.

We haven't heard anything about a digital collector's edition, but it seems like the sort of thing Blizzard should pick up on. Most other major development houses have gotten into the digital deluxe thing. I can't imagine it would be difficult to offer a version of the collector's edition that includes only the digital items. Who knows?

@Omg_squirrel asked:

how long till we can make lvl 90 premades to fly around and explore all that pandaria has to offer?

Well, the level cap on beta realms isn't even level 90 yet, so there's that obstacle. Plus I think Blizzard just plain wouldn't offer level 90 premades; that would be pretty strange for an expansion beta. I could see it doing that to get some raid testing done just before launch, but who knows?

@Fattyftw asked:

Why does my cat, Sir Noggin of Loxley, wake me up so early?

Cats are required by federal law to be a huge pain the butt between the hours of 12 a.m. and 7 a.m.

@efinkg4 asked:

how will I build a 2nd gear spec if rewards are only for my current spec in MoP.

There are vendors across Pandaria that sell off-spec gear. The items aren't best in slot, but they're sufficient for building secondary gear sets. The quest rewards for your main spec are freebies, but you pay out of pocket for the off-spec stuff.

@ravingsockmonky asked:

Is the price on pet battling training final? It seems rather high.

The Pet Battle system still isn't fully implemented, so I personally assume all of the limitations around the system are temporary placeholders. It's like when transmogrification and void storage was first implemented on the PTR -- the prices were artificially inflated until they decided what the true costs should be. Everything related to training costs and level requirements -- I expect those to be dropped significantly later. It's supposed to be a fun, chill activity to mess around with on the side. Putting the feature behind a bunch of artificial barriers doesn't make much sense to me.

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