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Alan Wake games, 1C classics on sale this weekend on GOG


In light of this week's announcement of Alan Wake's American Nightmare coming to PC on May 22, the marketing minds at GOG have discounted the original Alan Wake and are promising discounts on pre-orders for Remedy's follow-up. Alan Wake is priced at $14.99 until 8:59pm GMT on May 15, while American Nightmare is $13.49 – or, if you already own Alan Wake or purchase both games at once, $11.24.

For the rest of this weekend, GOG is slashing prices on 1C Company's line of classics, which includes Space Rangers, Star Wolves, Fantasy Wars and Fantasy Brigade: Star Battles in Space. Each is half-off until May 14 at 3:59am GMT.

... Okay, we may have made that last one up.

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