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Dear Aunt TUAW: Where should I buy my George R. R. Martin fix?


Dear Aunt TUAW,

I want to buy "A Dance with Dragons" as an eBook and I am hesitating between buying it for Kindle or iBooks, the reason being the Kindle version will be available on my Mac, my iPhone and my iPad. Is it possible to do the same if I buy it for iBooks or will I be "stuck" with reading on my iPhone and iPad?

Your loving nephew,


Dear Andre,

Although Auntie is looking forward to iBooks for Mountain Lion, she's not holding her breath either. Apple hasn't announced it.

The practical answer is that Kindle books can be read anywhere: from Macs to Windows, Linux to Android, iOS to webOS. Plus, Kindle books can be loaned. iBooks is iOS-only.

So yes, if you buy it for iBooks, you'll be "stuck" reading on your iPhone or iPad, which isn't a horrible thing for most people but keeps you from reading it on your Mac.


Auntie T.

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