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AIRbudz: A safer way to listen to your tunes


While the world seems to be beating a path to the door of manufacturers of noise-canceling earphones, inventor Tammy Erdel has a much better idea that could save some lives.

AIRbudz replace the removable earbuds on your favorite set of earphones and allow the sound around you to mix with the tunes you're listening to. You probably don't want to use the AIRbudz in the comfort of your home, but they're designed to work when you're outside cycling, walking, skateboarding, or otherwise in a situation where you need to be aware of what's around you.

I personally love this idea. I don't know how many times I've been cycling or walking and seen other people who are exercising with earbuds jammed into their ears. They're usually oblivious to anyone who is trying to get their attention, and more than once I've startled someone by passing them after I've tried unsuccessfully to warn them two or three times.

Erdel is trying to raise $22,000 for her Kickstarter project, and has only raised $3,385 with 21 days to go. For a $10 pledge on Kickstarter, you can support the project and get yourself a set of 9 AIRbudz (3 sets of each size -- small, medium, and large) in your own choice of colors. I think the glow in the dark version is my personal favorite.

Check out Erdel's pitch video below for the full story.

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