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Nintendo's got more than a few ways to watch its E3 2012 press conference


What will you be doing on June 5 at noon ET? Nintendo sure hopes your answer to that question revolves around its impending E3 2012 press conference, and it's got a whole bevy of options should that be the case. Beyond partnering with Viacom to broadcast the show live (and commercial-free) on Spike TV and MTV2 (there's still an MTV2?!?!), Nintendo will offer the conference via internet on its usual E3 site.

Nintendo's E3 presentation this year will focus on its next home console, the Wii U, though we'll no doubt hear a few new nuggets about the 3DS. As always, we're hoping for a triumphant return from Ravi Drums. Don't keep breaking our hearts, Nintendo! Let Mr. Drums free!

Sony and Microsoft are also streaming their respective press conferences; more info can be found on each here and here.

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