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Orgia Romanus MMO looks to 'facilitate sexual interactions between players'

Jef Reahard

Sex in MMOs isn't particularly new, especially given the titillating ad campaigns that accompany your average fantasy title. Orgia Romanus is new, and it's aiming higher (or lower) than scantily clad elven babes. One of its gameplay goals "is to facilitate sexual interactions between players," according to a FoxySoft Gaming press release.

FoxySoft is the brainchild of Alex Allen, a former artist and project director at Acclaim and Sony Online Entertainment. In mechanical terms, Orgia Romanus looks to marry traditional merchant-, politician-, and warrior-centric play with sexual content. Gamers will become "engaged emotionally as they are allowed to build relationships with other players that help them advance through the game," FoxySoft says.

Full development on Orgia Romanus will commence after a crowdfunding campaign scheduled for next month. A playable demo is expected this fall.

[Source: FoxySoft Games press release]

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