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Engadget tries on the gTar for iPhone


Engadget hopped over to TechCrunch Disrupt to check out gTar, a guitar accessory for the iPhone. If you've never heard of gTar, it's a learning guitar powered by the iPhone that's part Fender and part Guitar Hero. It'll help you learn the basics of finger placement and strumming using an LED-lighted fingerboard and other electronics inside the body of the guitar. The iPhone fits nicely into the guitar and lets you select songs and other effects for your music.

Engadget spent some time with the gTar and has a quick hands-on review of the product. You can get a closer look at the gTar in the video below and head over to Engadget's website for all the details. The gTar is available as a Kickstarter project that'll ship in September 2012. It costs $350 as a Kickstarter project and will retail for $450 when it launches.

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