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Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 now up for touchy-feely orders


If you've been waiting to, literally, get your hands on the submissive A720 all-in-one from Lenovo, now you can. When we got our paws on it back at CES, it's fair to say we were intrigued. Now, the 27-inch 10-point multitouch PC is up for your buying pleasure. The bad news is, that reported $1,299 base-model price is now actually $1,849, rising to $2,099 if you want the bells and whistles (or 64GB SSD and TV tuner more specifically). You are getting some Ivy Bridge action in that mix, though. The first units won't ship until early June, but if you're looking for a tactile desktop, run your fingers over the source link for more info.

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