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World of Tanks' 7.4 update to feature new game modes, maps

Jef Reahard

Two new game modes are coming to World of Tanks. Encounter battle and assault will both debut with the 7.4 patch, as looks to up the ante in terms of complicated combat assignments.

The patch will also expand the French tank tree as well as add two new maps to the mix. The first map is called Widepark, and it takes place amidst the ruins of a bombed out German town. The second map is called Airfield. It transports players to a Mediterranean location surrounded by temple ruins and rocky hills.

The most noteworthy 7.4 changes, though, are the game modes. Encounter battle "invites two sides to fight for one base," according to a press release. Assault "sets the players in the roles of attackers and defenders where the former have superior combat capabilities," the company says.

[Source: press release]

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