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GameFly wants to get into iOS publishing, create an Android App Store


Game rental service GameFly has decided to go all-in on mobile publishing for some reason. The service, which rents out console games in the Netflix style, and runs the Shacknews gaming news outlet, has had a pretty popular GameCenter app out on the App Store for a while now. But now it's getting into the App Store even deeper: A few weeks back, GameFly said it would team up with developers to spotlight "Game of the Day" titles on its app, and now the company is planning to outright publish some iOS games itself.

GameFly is also looking to set up its own Android App Store. Very interesting move by a company that's traditionally been mostly involved with console titles -- clearly, GameFly is reaching out to add a few new tunes to its repertoire. The Android Store is set to be released by the end of the year, while GameFly says we'll see some iOS titles published later on this summer.

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