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Spirit Tales bringing 1v5 monster boss PvP on June 6th


When you look at KoramGame's über-cute free-to-play title Spirit Tales, revolutionary PvP probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. According to a new press release, however, that's exactly what the studio is aiming for in an upcoming update which will add 1v5 monster boss PvP to the game.

The feature is pretty much what it sounds like: One player takes on the role of a giant dungeon boss mob, and it's his job to stomp the everloving daylights out of the other five players who will be teaming up to bring him down. The victor of these 1v5 battles will be rewarded with "stronger, more powerful PvP equipment" with which to further dominate the battlefield. The update will be going live on June 6th, and players who take part in the new gametype between its launch and July 1st will have the opportunity to win fancy Tt gaming peripherals, so head on over to the game's official site and get ready to rumble.

[Source: KoramGame press release]

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