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This dude can control a pipe organ using Kinect [Update]


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Last year Chris Vik modded a Kinect to play the Melbourne Town Hall Organ, and he did it with way more style than any of those sweet Dance Central moves we've attempted to throw down in front of our own little camera boxes. The Melbourne Town Hall Organ is four stories tall, but Vik used his own software, Kinectar, with the organ's MIDI connection to play the whole thing from one moodily lit spot on the stage.

Vik and vocalist Elise Richards composed Carpe Zythum and performed it in November, and finally the full video will be available next week, according to Kinect Hacks. The above teaser plays a clip of the performance and reveals the madness behind the music, waving arms and invisible instruments included.

Update: As a few of you have mentioned below, the full performance is available now on YouTube. Enjoy!

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