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Solar-powered Son-X Octavia now bringing 'interactive sound' to school playgrounds

Darren Murph

While initially announced in the summer of 2011, the Son-X Octavia has been working its way into reality ever since. As of this month, though, the solar-powered "interactive sound device" is now shipping to schools in Europe. For those unfamiliar, the coconut-esque device straps onto a conventional swing set in order to keep kids outside -- using technology to prevent kids from becoming supersaturated with technology, if you will. The company has designed it with tight school budgets in mind, making it completely wireless, self-contained and easy to install. Once in place, swingers can activate three aural games, each of which act to "awaken the natural curiosity in children to explore the possibilities through activity." Not surprisingly, it's designed to be upgraded over time, with new titles to be made available on USB drives. The outfit's still not offering 'em direct to consumers, but those with B2B connections can grab one for €499 ($624).

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