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The CZC U116T: it's an Ultrabook, it's a hybrid and it's hopefully coming to Computex

Sharif Sakr

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Remember that Compal franken-gadget reference design we saw at CES? Well, something quite similar looks to be heading to Computex and thence to market, courtesy of Chinese manufacturer CZC Tech. The company has loaded up its Transformer-style 13.3-inch U116T with Ivy Bridge and HD 4000 graphics, the world's favorite resolution, 4GB RAM and a choice of SSD capacities. On the connectivity front you'll get one each of USB 2.0 and 3.0, a memory card slot, audio jacks, SIM slot and an optional fingerprint scanner for people who don't like sharing. What's more, all that technology is housed in the display component -- the detachable keyboard itself will apparently only add an extra battery. On the software side, CZC is promoting Windows 7 alongside a bit of future-proofing, which means the only thing left to discover is the price, availability and whether this device will have anything like the astonishing lightness of that fiber glass Compal.

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