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Two Dollar Tuesday features indie apps on the Mac App Store


Two Dollar Tuesday is another indie app sale that started up just recently, but while a lot of the sales we've seen are targeted at the iOS App Store, this sale focuses on what's available in the Mac App Store instead.The idea is that every Tuesday, a few Mac App Store titles will drop down to just $2.00 and for this week, WriteRoom, Chronicle, and CodeBox have all gotten the discount.

Developer Mike Dattolo is behind the sale, and he says the goal is to highlight some of the best apps on the store with a price drop, both helping them with publicity and showing off some of the Mac App Store's finest. The sale doesn't take a portion of money out of developers' pockets (of course, they have to sell for less than usual, but already, the spike in attention has proven fairly profitable). Two Dollar Tuesday makes its money by providing an affiliate link to the apps on sale, but the deal is obviously good for anyone coming along to buy the apps from anywhere.

Dattolo says he hopes the sale will help get the word out about some of the best apps in the store, and show off to both customers and even Apple employees great apps that might have been passed over before.

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