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Infinitec returns with Android 4.0-based HDMI dongle, Kickstarts the Pocket TV

Darren Murph

Remember Infinitec? Tricky question, no? The company came to us at CES 2010 with a product that had big -- nay, huge -- aspirations. It was a simple USB stick that promised to enable ad hoc streaming, claiming to bring "infinite storage" to PC users. Unfortunately, it wasn't exactly seamless in operation, and the company's been radio silent ever since. Until today. The Dubai-based outfit is officially getting back in the consumer technology game starting right now, and as it seems that all the cool kids are doing these days, it's going the Kickstarter route in lieu of more conventional capital raising.

The new product is an Android-based HDMI dongle -- not entirely unlike a few others we've seen -- which is being dubbed Pocket TV. Just as Tim Cook stated last night at D10, the TV industry is an interesting one, and it's obvious that people want something different than they have today. Plug this guy into your television, and you'll be able to Skype from the big screen, show PowerPoint presentations without a laptop connection and tap into files you've got hosted on Dropbox (or any other cloud-based Android app). Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is onboard, and it'll ship with a gyro-equipped keyboard remote that allows control via one's hand motions. Thinking of giving these guys another shot? Hit that source link below and put your money ($99 or more) where your mouse is.

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