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No Doubt vs Activision lawsuit cleared for trial later this year


No Doubt is officially allowed to sue Activision over its use of band members' avatars in Band Heroagain. Seriously, we've written this piece, like, three times already. This story is bananas.


No Doubt, the rock band led by singer Gwen Stefani, sued Activision in 2009, claiming it was used to create a "virtual karaoke circus act;" No Doubt says it only signed off on having its likeness portrayed singing its own songs, but the band is unlockable to play through the game's complete catalog.

A Superior Court judge has denied Activision's attempt to dismiss claims from the case, including fraud, violation of publicity rights and breach of contract, and it is expected to (finally) go to trial later this year. Activision says it has a video recording of No Doubt being told about the unlockable features and it is looking forward to presenting its defense.

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