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Indie shmup Redux succeeds on Kickstarter, adds plans for Vita and 3DS


How much interest is there in an indie Dreamcast shooter? At least $41,983 – that's how much developer ReduxGame has raised on Kickstarter for the Dreamcast (and iOS/PC) shooter Redux: Dark Matters. The team crossed the $40,000 goal for its drive, making it one of only two console game projects to succeed on the platform (the other is Star Castle for Atari 2600) and prompting the team to make additional goals, like two-player support and a new stage for $60K worth of backing.

According to an email we received from the team, the plans for platforms have been altered since we last reported on this labor of love. "Sega Dreamcast, iOS and STEAM/PC are already set in stone and will be released this year, the team notes, and it is "actively working" to get Redux on PSN, XBLA, Vita, and 3DS.

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