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EVE Alliance Tournament X details posted

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EVE Online's Alliance Tournament X is just around the corner. In anticipation of the kickoff, the game's official blog has been updated with some more information about the tournament. The blog has a lengthy schedule laid out that covers everything from the qualifying rounds beginning on the 30th of June to the finals on July 22nd.

The blog's also chock-full of information about streaming and commentary. Own3d will be carrying the Alliance Tournament live streams. Additionally, replays of previous tournaments will be available in the weeks leading up to the tournament. Unlike in previous years when qualifying rounds weren't streamed, every match will be available with livestreaming. Although an exhaustive list of commentators wasn't provided, the first two weekends of qualifying rounds will be commentated by kil2, Raivi, Michael Bolton III, Zastrow, and Lazarus Telraven.

The most important part of the post? Prizes. The Caldari State has created two ships, based on the Osprey and Merlin hulls, as prizes:
The Osprey hull is Etana. The name is drawn from the same branch of mythology as the Gallente Ishtar and the AT8 Utu, and has a nice connotation with some ancient Caldari-Gallente history involving Caldari Prime. This variant, which is the first prize, is a pioneering logistics ship with the added capacity to fit a covert ops cloak along with some very powerful skill bonuses.

The Merlin hull is Cambion. The name comes from a half-demonic entity which ties in nicely in with the description of a crazy, fiery rocket brawler with mad overheating bonuses plus it's believed that the Merlin of wizard fame was either a cambion or descended from one.
Hit up the blog post for the full schedules and replay details.

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