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Breakfast Topic: Do you transmog to fool enemies?


Cynwise has written an excellent guide to misrepresenting your gear level in PvP using transmogrification and other nefarious techniques. Of course, the old standby of Noggenfogger Elixir works well for confusion, as do items such as Kalytha's Haunted Locket. But these options don't disguise the level of your gear. While transmogging your gear can give you almost any look you want, dressing up like Ironman is also not going to make your gear appear less than it is. These techniques are just a red flag that further investigation is needed in order to determine your armor quality.

Cynwise suggests to transmog your armor into something that is obviously undergeared, yet still believable. This deception may keep enemy players from investigating further, and they may underestimate your ability to stay alive.

Do you transmog your PvP armor in order to fool the other side? Or do you just go for something fun and make opponents work to determine how good your gear is? Many casual PVPers don't worry about their look -- they're just there to play and earn goodies. Is that you?

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