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Warhammer Online rolls out patch 1.4.6 with major RvR changes

Eliot Lefebvre

Warhammer Online isn't a strict PvP game, but the energy of RvR is one of the major draws that keeps players interested. That means a lot of balancing to maintain interest and avoid unfair matchups. The latest patch, 1.4.6, is aimed at revising several mechanics to do just that, keeping players on an even footing in Scenarios and open PvP encounters. And it's all being accomplished by switching the focus away from character level and to renown rank.

From now on, rather than being divided by character level, scenarios will be divided into brackets based on renown, with players in any given bracket boosted to the same level to keep challenges fair. Other major changes come in the Campaign mechanics, which will now allow players to take down Keep doors with siege engines other than rams and will also allow players below renown rank 80 to benefit from additional level bolstering in Tier 4. Before you go to WAR, you might want to take a look at the full patch notes to digest all the particulars.

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