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Crytek's Ryse still in the works, Kinect will be 'part of it'


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Ryse, an Xbox-exclusive action game from Crytek, isn't ready to be shown beyond the concept trailer released during E3 2011. I asked Phil Spencer, corporate VP of Microsoft Studios, about the game's progress since Microsoft revealed its partnership with Crytek two years ago under the banner of "Codename Kingdoms."

"We're just not at a point right now to show the game, and instead of ... we're still working with Crytek, we're still extremely committed to the relationship, but we want to make sure that we're putting our best foot forward every time we show the game," Spencer said. "You'll see more about that game, no doubt."

Ownership of Ryse was rumored to have shifted between studios, from a downsized and redirected Crytek Budapest to Crytek's Frankfurt studio. Ryse is alive and well, Spencer assured, though I got an inkling that the brutal, first-person combat shown in the initial trailer may not be entirely relegated to Kinect when we see it next. When asked if Ryse was still "a Kinect game" as before, Spencer replied, "Kinect will be part of the game, absolutely."

This year Microsoft highlighted several more games that are "better with Kinect," even when you're slouched in the couch. The most prominent example comes from Capcom's mech action game, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, which pairs several seated gestures with a traditional controller.

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