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Adobe Flash 11.3 checks in with security fixes, OS X silent updater and Firefox sandbox in tow


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While feverishly revamping Flash with the all-new Next version -- to keep HTML5 from killing it -- Adobe is still plugging the current incarnation with smaller updates. To that end, Flash 11.3 just popped out of beta, which sees the company add a few notable goodies for the beleaguered plugin. On top of filling seven critical security holes, Adobe added a background updating feature for Mac OS X and signed the code in preparation for compatibility with Mountain Lion. That way it'll align it with the upcoming Gatekeeper feature in the next OS X release, though you'll have to dial its max security down one notch to get it. Lastly, sandboxing -- already in Chrome -- has been tacked on to Firefox as well, slowing hackers by isolating the plugin from critical system processes. All that fresh duct tape and polyfill should keep Flash rattling along -- until Adobe can pull the gleaming Next platform out of the hangar. Meanwhile, click the source for the download links.

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