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Black Gold Online reveals debut trailer


It's been almost half a year since we last heard from Snail Games' in-development steampunk MMO, Black Gold Online, but if you've been holding out for some more steamy, punky goodness, then you're in luck. The studio has finally released the game's debut trailer, which takes players into the heart of the major conflict of the Black Gold world.

For the uninitiated, the game ultimately boils down to nature vs. technology, which is represented by an ongoing war between two as-of-yet unnamed factions. On one side of the battle, we have the Nature-Loving-Hippie faction (composed of the bear-like brutes, the feline kosh, and plain ol' humans), and opposing it is the Nature-Hating-Industrialist faction (made up of dwarves, vampires, and steam humans, whatever that means). The object of their war is control of a rare resource known as black gold (no, not that black gold), which is capable of granting great power to those who possess it. That's about all we know for now, though, so while we wait for new information to pop up, busy yourself by checking out the video after the cut.

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