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Gravity Rush DLC detailed, buy on PSN this week for Military pack


If you didn't pre-order Gravity Rush on Amazon, you still have a shot at getting the "Military" DLC pack, with a new costume and new missions, for free. Purchasing the game on PSN during launch week (this week!) will get you that DLC for free. The PSN version is also slightly cheaper at $35.99. If you miss the DLC, it'll be released on July 24 for $3.99.

On June 26, you can get the "Spy Pack" for $3.99, adding two side missions, two challenge missions, and a "spy costume" ... which is a Catwoman suit. With a tail and everything. Sure. On July 10, you can get the "Maid Pack" with two more side missions, two more challenge missions, and another frustratingly inappropriate costume.

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