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Beatbuddy bustin' moves on digital platforms, thanks to Reverb


Beatbuddy, a quirky rhythm-based action-adventure game from indie studio Threaks, already has a cozy game page on Steam – in fact, you can download a demo right now. Soon it will be available through more digital distribution channels. Reverb has announced it will publish Beatbuddy, though no exact platforms beyond Steam have been mentioned.

Developer Threaks, a small German outfit, has been working on Beatbuddy since 2009. The team said it plans on bringing Beatbuddy to "a wide variety of platforms," and when those exact platforms are announced, we'll be sure to relay the info.

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Reverb Publishing Partners with Threaks to Bring Beatbuddy to Digital Platforms

Multiple IGF and Level Up award-winning game is the latest to sign with digital indie experts Reverb – check out the demo on Steam now!

Hamburg, Germany – June 13, 2012 – Fresh off winning an Honorable Mention at the 14th annual Independent Game Festival awards for Best Audio and winning an award each for Best Sound and Best Art at Intel's Level Up Competition for its title Beatbuddy, German indie startup Threaks has signed with Reverb Publishing to help bring Beatbuddy to the masses. Reverb will handle all publishing responsibilities and duties for the upcoming action/adventure music/rhythm mashup that has already received a significant amount of praise and attention.

Check out the Steam demo for Beatbuddy now!

And don't forget to check out the explanatory video for the Steam demo here:

"It's of chief importance to Reverb as a relatively new publisher to ensure that the games we bring to market are not only a blast to play, but also bring something new to the table and are innovative and original," said Ted Lange, executive producer of Reverb Publishing. "What Threaks has done with Beatbuddy is a shining example of this – the awards it has racked up early in its development cycle only reinforce our extremely high opinion of the game and the team behind it."

Threaks is a Hamburg-based team that has specialized in the development of non-linear music games, and Beatbuddy is its first offering. Beatbuddy is a musical action-adventure where players take control of the eponymous Beatbuddy and navigate him through a unique musical world where each level is a song. Music, rhythm and interaction with the elements of a particular tune take center-stage, as you explore, overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. It all boils down to playing music in an entirely new way!

Everyone loves Beatbuddy...even Reverb Publishing's very own Ted Lange!

"It's been a pretty exciting few months for us as a new indie developer on the scene – the reaction and response to Beatbuddy has been nothing short of amazing, and we have to keep reminding everyone (and ourselves) that it's still only in pre-alpha stage," said Denis Rogic, Head of Art with Threaks. "Our awards from both Intel and IGF, and then signing with a tremendous publisher in Reverb, really validate what we've been working so hard on lately, and we're excited to work with Reverb to make Beatbuddy into one of the must-have digital games of 2013."

Beatbuddy joins Reverb Publishing's growing roster of titles, which includes the massively-successful Dungeon Defenders, the recently–released unique musical experience JAM Live Music Arcade, as well as the upcoming Sanctum 2, Jeremy McGrath's Offroad, Black Knight Sword and much more. For more information on Reverb Publishing and its line-up of titles, please visit us at For more information about Threaks and Beatbuddy, please visit and like us on Facebook at

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