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Microsoft applies to patent gaze-tracking camera, wants to stare into your eyes


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See that complication of a line-drawing above? Well that's Microsoft describing how it would like to patent a function for a dual 3D and 2D camera setup that's able to process precisely where your eyes fall on a screen. While Kinect could fulfill that hardware component, the application goes into more detail on how the "gaze tracker" would calculate both the direction you're looking in and track the region of the screen that you're focusing on. It aims to do this by closely following your eye -- more specifically the pupil and iris -- with some attention also paid to monitoring the orientation of your head. The Mountain View crew aren't too specific with the remit for the notion, but it could follow similar lines to an Apple patent application we've seen previously -- heck, it could even lead to some eyeball-based UI navigation. Let your mind wander over the possibilities and stare at the full application at the source below.

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