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Embers of Caerus videos cover player stats and dynamic ecology


Indie sandbox MMO Embers of Caerus wrapped up its kickstarter feature week with a pair of developer videos covering player stats and something called "dynamic ecology." That sounds like a 400-level college course if you ask us.

Embers of Caerus has 10 player stats that are divided into two categories: physical and mental. These stats aren't just linebackers for your DPS quarterback; they're highly important to the game's many sub-systems. For example, resilience is vital to help fight off infection and parasites. It's interesting to note that while stats increase as players engage in related activities, they will also decrease over time if neglected.

The devs say that the dynamic ecology system is "one of the most ambitious sides to the project." Dynamic ecology enables the world to be alive and changing, particularly in respect to creatures. While Ultima Online attempted to do this and failed, the Embers of Caerus team is confident that it can succeed due to lessons learned. There will be few if any static spawns, and each kill will matter a lot more than as in other MMOs.

Check out the two lengthy videos after the jump!

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