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Brian Knox discusses the future of TERA


En Masse Entertainment's action-packed title TERA has been out for just over a month now, and the game's really beginning to pick up steam. The title recently unveiled its much-awaited political system, which led to some pretty exciting activity in the campaign for Vanarchy.

Still, many players are now looking toward the future. Do you wonder what En Masse has up its sleeve now that TERA is up and running? Then you're in luck because the game's Senior Producer, Brian Knox, sat down to answer a few questions for the folks at DualShockers. It's a pretty interesting interview that covers a range of topics, such as the relationship between En Masse and Bluehole Studio and plans for expansion of TERA's endgame. Roleplayers get a couple of shout-outs as well, which is a refreshing change. Heck, Knox even comments on the game's ridiculous MMO-Fo ad campaign. For all of the delicious interview details, click below to read the full piece.

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