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Ikea's Uppleva TV hits European shelves with tiny, 8GB DVR add-on


If you're US-based, you'll still have to wait till 2013 to get your hands on a TV you can assemble with an Allen wrench. Our friends across the Atlantic on the other hand, can already snatch up a particleboard package that combines a display and TV bench. The Uppleva first went on sale in Ikea's Stockholm flagship store last week, with it's Berlin Lichtenberg shop and select others across Europe to begin selling the home theater device on July 2nd. Those eager to score one were also treated to a bit of a surprise, when the furniture company listed an 8GB USB drive (which you can see in the image after the break) as an accessory that will enable limited DVR functionality -- including the rewinding and pausing of live TV. The only bad news? According to a review by Swedish site M3 the display isn't exactly up to videophile standards and the smart TV interface is about as responsive as one of those tasty meatballs Ikea serves in its stores. Now you'll just have to have patience... or, decide that the couch, chair, desk, bookcase and dresser you already own is enough medium-density fiberboard for your tiny apartment.

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