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MechWarrior Online founder's packages detailed

If you've got your heart set on MechWarrior Online, today is a good day for you! The founder's program goes on sale today, with an additional tier of awesomeness available. The new $120 legendary tier comes with a three-month premium MechWarrior Online account. Additionally, you'll get four founder's BattleMechs, $80 worth of in-game currency, a founder's tag for extra status boosting, game credits, and early access starting August 7th.

The $60 elite package has the same tags, in-game currency, and early access as the Legendary tier, but only two months of premium account access and one BattleMech. If you're not worried about frills, the $40 veteran package will get you $40 worth of in-game currency, one month of premium status, founder's tags, and early access.

[Source: Piranha Games press release]

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