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More content incoming for ARGO Online, including a new arena system

MJ Guthrie

Last month, ARGO Online received a hefty patch adding new goodies as well as raising the level cap. Today, the free-to-play steampunk game announced that more high-level content is on its way. This next set of goodies includes a new continent, a PvP dueling arena, and an even higher level cap.

Lower-level characters need not despair about being left out of the upcoming content; all players level 30 and higher can enjoy the new arena. Dubbed Spirit of Warriors, the arena allows players to band together in teams regardless of faction to participate in 3v3 or 5v5 battles on any of the three maps. The best two out of three rounds wins the match. Winners will receive titles, veteran points for ranking, and possibly even precious medals that can be traded for rare set items.

[Source: ARGO Online press release]

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