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Storm Legion will include RIFT for free

Eliot Lefebvre

RIFT is gearing up for its first expansion later this year, but the staff at Trion Worlds doesn't want to lock out people who've never tried the base game. That's why you don't have to worry about buying an expensive expansion on top of a main game: Storm Legion will apparently include the full version of RIFT along with it, allowing new players to pick up the expansion and experience both the core game and the additions without restriction.

Of course, this sounds like less of a deal if you already own RIFT, but you're covered there as well, as existing players can expect a price discount on purchasing the expansion. So if you want to enjoy the increased level cap, better crafting, and new souls, you won't have to pay full retail price for the experience. It's a good deal for existing fans and new players alike -- and one that may help encourage more players to give Storm Legion a shot.

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