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ArenaNet concept art lead Kekai Kotaki announces departure


"All things must eventually come to an end." Thus writes Guild Wars 2 artist Kekai Kotaki on his Facebook page. The long-time ArenaNet employee announced his departure from the studio after eight years of working on the Guild Wars franchise.

The award-winning Kotaki used his farewell message to reminisce about his journey with the studio: "This comes with a certain amount of sadness as this was my first job in the gaming industry. I first started doing ground textures for the original Guild Wars and I end it being the concept art lead on Guild Wars 2."

Kotaki thanked Guild Wars fans for their support and said that he's leaving to embark on "new endeavors." He does encourage the faithful to stick around to see how Guild Wars 2 turns out.

"This game will be awesome and will be a success," he writes, "and I look forward to seeing it being released."

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