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Judge restricts Apple and Samsung's exhibits, argument time


In an attempt to streamline the epic courtroom battle pending between Apple and Samsung, U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh (photo at right) has set ground rules for the legal teams presenting their arguments before a jury. The companies, which have already been admonished several times to pare their arguments down to the bare minimum, have now been ordered to limit their respective cases down to 125 exhibits and 25 hours of argument time.

The order comes as the two companies near their courtroom battle. In May, Judge Koh told lawyers for Samsung and Apple that she wouldn't put jurors through "cruel and unusual punishment." At that point, 16 patents, six trademarks, an antitrust claim, and five "trade dress" claims were included in the trial.

Late last year, Judge Koh rejected Apple's request to ban U.S. sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet. Apple won an appeal that overturned that ban, but Koh then delayed judgement on a refiling of the same injunction.

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