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Spy vs. Spy for iOS coming this summer, includes online multiplayer

We're going to ruin the fun for you, but it's in the service of announcing some other fun. The message above, obscured by reverse alphabetical cipher, reads:

White and black spies resurface -(stop)- iPad -(stop)- iPhone -(stop)- iPod Touch -(stop)- online two players -(stop)- this summer -(stop)- this message will self destruct in five seconds -(stop)-

So, to translate that all the way into legible English, WB's Spy vs. Spy remake will be released this summer on iOS, and will feature online multiplayer for two players. You can look forward to stealing your friends' important secrets, and planting bombs in their wall safes. But, like, in a way that it's totally all right to look forward to.

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