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A Game of Dwarves digs into closed beta


Would you like to help build a virtual dwarven civilization? Would you like the super exclusive opportunity to do it before other like-minded dwarf-lovers get a chance? If so, the upcoming closed beta for A Game of Dwarves is for you! Paradox Interactive has announced that applications for the beta are now being accepted, with the beta itself set to kick off on Friday, July 13.

If you still don't know what this whole A Game of Dwarves thing is about, the trailer above should lay it all out rather nicely. The beta application deadline is July 2.

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Are You Ready to Rock? Closed Beta Taking Place for A Game of Dwarves!

STOCKHOLM - June 26, 2012 – Like to get your hands dirty? While digging for treasure? As a dwarf? Have we got the job for you! Paradox Interactive has opened the gates to a limited tech beta for upcoming classic management game A Game of Dwarves. Anyone wishing to boss around the bearded race of beer-guzzling builders can sign up for a chance to participate in the limited beta at this here link:

Selected applicants will receive further instructions on how to obtain the beta build and, thereafter, shall be thrust into the bustling world of dwarves as they set out to dig their way to fame and fortune. Oh, and there's some monsters running about underground, too, did we forget to mention that? Could be the reason why the last bunch of beta testers disappeared so abruptly. Just wear a hardhat, that should be more than enough protection; it's worked for us for a - WHAT IS THAT THING TRYING TO BITE MY ARM OFF?!

A Game of Dwarves is scheduled to release in Q4, 2012. Sign up now for a chance to join the Beta . Deadline to apply is July 2nd.

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