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Huawei pushes Ascend D Quad production to August, pins it on processor hiccups


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Those of us yearning to bring Huawei's Ascend D Quad on summer vacation will have to file that dream away for next year. The company's consumer division chief, Richard Yu, has pushed back the phone's volume production from this month to August. Blame for the setback rests squarely on that custom-developed K3V2 processor -- there have been "technical problems" getting it ready, if we go by Huawei's less than precise explanation. The timing certainly isn't what we'd call ideal: now that the Galaxy S III and One X are both common features of the smartphone landscape, the Ascend D Quad's performance won't be turning nearly as many heads when it arrives. We'll have to make do with the solid Ascend P1 in the meantime.

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