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'Pong Tournament' among finalists in Atari Pong development challenge


The finalists in Atari's iOS Pong Indie Developer Challenge have been announced, and all seven game submissions look suspiciously like variations of Pong. The finalists in the competition are PegPeg's Retro Pong, Delusions' Pong Tournament 2012, Island Officials' Pong EVO, Fishbowl Productions' Pong 4033, zGames' Pong World, Eppy Games' Fong, and Mad Ruse Games' Pong Tournament.

The first-place team wins $50,000, the second-place team gets $37,500, third place gets $15,000, and the rest of the finalists automatically win $5,000 and a long-term publishing agreement with Atari to split revenue on the finished apps.

In January, Atari claimed copyright infringement on "hundreds" of games on the iOS App Store, as part of the company's plan to "vigorously protect its intellectual property."

Final submissions to the challenge are now being put to a public vote, with the winning game set to be announced on August 2. One of the submissions, Pong Tournament by Mad Ruse Games, can be viewed above.

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