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Super Retro Squad surpasses Kickstarter goal with ease


Super Retro Squad's $10,000 Kickstarter goal to turn Super Mario Bros. Crossover into a real, legitimate title has already been achieved, over 20 days ahead of schedule.

Creator Jav Pavlina is currently enmeshed in an "Ask Me Anything" thread on Reddit, but he's also posted what he calls "stretch goals," or things that the team plans to do if they reach a certain amount of funding: $20,000 will get Time Attack modes, leaderboards, and achievements added to the game; $30,000 will get translation into foreign languages; and $40,000 will earn players access to Eve VII, a character based heavily on Blaster Master's Sophia III.

After that, says Pavlina, it all depends on how big the project ends up growing. Hopefully it won't get too big: We could do without a character based on Hudson Hawk.

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