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EA Sports partners with UCF to create Innovation Lab program


EA Sports partnered with the University of Central Florida's FIEA (Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy) to create an "innovation lab" for students to work on projects in the games industry. EA Sports will offer additional internships for students, in which they will work on "the latest products for the latest platforms, using the latest tools and technologies."

"By establishing pipelines directly into existing Orlando-based digital media businesses, including our local EA SPORTS studio, EA-Tiburon, we can keep creating jobs in the state of Florida," EA Sports VP and COO Daryl Holt said in the announcement.

Florida Governor Rick Scott echoed Holt's sentiments. "Preparing Florida students for high-tech jobs, along with our state's competitive economic incentives, gives Florida an advantage over other states and ensures high-value businesses open their doors in our state, instead of somewhere else," he said.

The relationship between EA Sports and FIEA dates back to March 2005, when former EA VP and COO Ben Noel became the executive director of the academic program.

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