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LG VS950 hits the FCC with Verizon LTE, looks suspiciously like the Optimus Vu

Brad Molen

LG and Verizon have something special in the works, and judging from the information we were able to glean from some mysterious documents submitted to the FCC (and subsequently approved today), it appears to be Big Red's version of the Optimus Vu. While the docs don't come out and specifically mention the Vu name or the phone's iconic 5-inch display, the diagram (seen above) of the LG VS950 shows the exact same speaker grille setup on the lower left as well as the SIM flap on the upper right. But if that weren't enough to clue us in, you can clearly see something that looks curiously like an antenna on the top left -- in the very same place as the Korean Optimus Vu. The VS950 sports NFC and offers LTE band 13 and GSM 850 / 1900. The phone's already received Bluetooth Certification, so we're hoping this means it's in the final stages of testing. Let's just hope it comes with a newer version of firmware than its Korean counterpart.

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