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Five apps for your Fourth of July fun


Tomorrow is Independence Day in the US, which means it's time to participate in your local parade, grill up some burgers on the BBQ, and watch a whole lotta fireworks with your friends and family. To help you enjoy this upcoming Fourth of July, we have selected five apps that'll let you adorn your holiday photos with some Americana, teach you about the Revolutionary War, and even let you take part in it if your choose. If you have any other suggestions, please add them in the comments below. Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!

Holiday Picture It! (Free)

Holiday Picture It! is an image editing app that lets you overlay your photos with borders, themed icons and other festive images. The app was recently updated to include a 4th of July theme so you can adorn your Fourth photos with some stars and stripes forever.

Macy's 4th of July Fireworks (Free)

If you're attending the Macy's 4th of July fireworks this year, then you'll want to grab this official app from Macy's. The app has several features, including a guide to local attractions, subway maps, and weather forecast, that'll make your trek to the fireworks enjoyable. Show details, performer biographies and up-to-the-minute transit information make sure you see what you want to see and make it there on time.

4th of July Finger Painting ($1.99)

4th of July Finger Painting is for those idle moments on this summer holiday. The app includes a handful of images that your little one can color with their fingers while they wait for the parade to begin. It's good, clean fun and will keep them busy for short time. And parents, while you wait, you should check out this quick guide to photographing fireworks. It might come in handy for those end-of-the-day holiday fireworks.

The Revolution: Interactive Guide (Free)

Yes, the Fourth of July celebrates American independence, but do you know all the events that led up to Revolutionary War and how it ended? If not, you should check out this interactive guide to the American Revolution. It's created by a high school senior who loves history and is chock full of information about this period in American history. The app includes maps, audio guides, biographies of important historical figures, quizzes and flashcards to test your knowledge.

The Patriots ($0.99)

Ever want to defend the Capitol from an army of approaching British Redcoats? You can get your chance with The Patriots game from Deadmans Production. Set during the Revolutionary War, the fixed gun defense game lets you pick sides in a battle for the US Capitol. You can play as the invading British soldiers or the defending American army. It's available for 99-cents and is great way to pass some time this Fourth of July.

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