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Persona 4 Arena will be region locked on PS3

Jordan Mallory

The PlayStation 3 version of Persona 4 Arena carries with it an unusual distinction: The Arc System Works-developed fighter will be region locked, meaning that North and South American copies of the game won't function on Japanese PS3s, and vice-versa.

"Yes, the PS3 version game will be region-locked. I certainly can't offer details as to why, but there might be an official response at some point," said an Atlus employee on the company's official forums.

"To reiterate, our version of the game works for the North and South America regions. Also keep in mind that both the NA and JP versions have both English and Japanese text/voice options, making them nearly identical. I'm unsure of what the case will be for the EU version."

While Blu-ray film playback has been subject to regional limitations since the get go, PS3 games have only been limited by the differences between PAL and NTSC -- standards which have waned in relevance since HD televisions became more prevalent.

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