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Andreas Illiger announces Tiny Wings 2, coming next week


Andreas Illiger, creator of the iPhone hit Tiny Wings, told us he had a new app coming very soon, and now we know exactly when: July 12. That's when Tiny Wings 2 is set to arrive, according to this extremely adorable handmade trailer video, which you can watch below. There's no information at all on new features or gameplay, but you can probably expect that it'll be more of that cute little bird trying to jump from hill to valley to hill, and going for as long as possible.

Illiger had originally promised something completely new back in May, but a recent tweet says that he's not working on a new game at all any more, so if he had something else planned, it might have been canceled. And it's not completely clear yet whether Tiny Wings 2 is an update to the current game, or a brand new app from the popular (and rather shy) developer. Either way, we'll know very soon. The update (or sequel) is expected out next week.

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