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    Daily iPad app: Weather 2X is a beautiful and basic weather app


    If you're looking for a beautiful, but basic weather app for your iPad, you should take a closer look at Weather 2X from McLean Mobile Solutions. Every time you launch the app, you will be greeted with a gorgeous wallpaper that matches the time and weather conditions outside.

    The simple UI shows only the current temperature and prevailing weather conditions (clear/sunny, cloudy, rainy, etc) on the main weather screen, but you can view additional details with just a few basic gestures. A tap on the weather conditions will reveal the wind speed, barometric pressure, rainfall amounts, humidity and visibility. You can view the forecast for the next few days by using a pinch-apart or a double-tap gesture on the main screen. A quick swipe across the screen from right to left will show an hourly five-day forecast, while a swipe in the other direction will let you change the settings for the app as well as switch locations for the weather information.

    Within the settings, you can add a new location, choose between Fahrenheit or Celsius, display the time in 24 hours format, view the local weather using your GPS position and toggle off the sound effects. You can also turn on iCloud so you can sync your settings across devices.

    The UI is smooth, the nature images look fantastic on the retina iPad and the weather details are accurate. For 99-cents, Weather 2X is a steal.

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