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AT&T U-Verse iPad app adds more streaming video, more sports


AT&T has updated its U-Verse cable content app for iOS with more content than ever, allowing access to various video content, information like sports scores, and even the ability to share viewing habits over Twitter and Facebook to its users. In addition to all of that new material, the iPhone and iPod touch versions of the app will now work like digital remote controls (though the iPad version already had this functionality), allowing you to control your TV and box right through your iOS device.

It sounds great, obviously, for anyone currently using the U-Verse app. The free update is available for download right now.

One other funny note: The screenshots above are straight from the official App Store page for AT&T's official app. Of course the app in the shots is connected to WiFi as well (and you'll have to be connected to your local WiFi network to use the digital remote features), but anyone else think it's amusing that AT&T's own iPhone screenshots don't show full bars on the connection?

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