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Boutique hotel equips guests with iPhones


A lot of individuals are dropping land lines and using an iPhone as their sole telecommunications device, but this is (as far as we know) a first. The Opus hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia has done away with the traditional hotel room phone and is equipping guests with iPhones.

The hotel is apparently hoping that foreign visitors, especially those from just south of the Canadian border, will like carrying the phones with them as they won't be hit with international roaming charges. Guests can use the phones anywhere in the Vancouver area to make calls and surf the Internet, perfect for looking up restaurants and tourist attractions.

Should guests need to contact one of the hotel departments, the iPhones are pre-programmed with one-touch contacts for those departments. Those calls, as well as any local calls made from the iPhone, are complimentary -- international calls are added to the guest's room tab. When a guest checks out, the iPhone is wiped to ensure their privacy.

The Opus is no stranger to Apple technology. Earlier in the year, the hotel installed an iPad 2 equipped with a virtual concierge app in each guest room.

[via CNET]

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