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ego USB Case for iPhone 4/4S: A handy hybrid of protection and storage


Just when I think I've seen everything in terms of iPhone cases, along comes a manufacturer that does something completely different. ego&company has announced a novel iPhone 4/4S case called the ego USB Case that includes a removable 4 GB (US$34.95), 8 GB ($39.95), or 16 GB ($49.95) USB flash drive that slides into the back of the case.

I don't know about you, but I've lost a number of flash drives over the years simply because they're small and they tend to fall out of bags and pockets. Something like the ego USB Case would be perfect, since I'm never without my iPhone. The USB flash drive slides into a slot on the back side of the case and snaps into place, so it's less likely to fall out and be lost.

You can either buy the standard gray case with pink or blue (4 GB), yellow or light green (8 GB), or red or black (16 GB) flash drives, or order the case and drive separately to mix and match colors. The case itself is available in pink, sky blue, yellow, light green, red, and black for $18.75, while the separate drives are $13.95 for the 4 GB size, $18.95 for the 8 GB size, and $28.95 for the 16 GB capacity.

The ego USB Case is available for purchase immediately.

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